Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wheelchair Club

Very soon we are getting Chloe fitted for a wheelchair stroller. It's like a wheelchair in its support but it's light weight and collapsible like a stroller. The best of both worlds. Because of this I have been acutely aware of kid size wheelchairs. Today in TJ Maxx I met a mom of a little boy that was in a loner. Kinda like when your car is in the shop they give you a loner. Well with wheelchairs they take a while to come because of the red tape with insurance and they custom make each one to your certain needs and measurements, so it takes a while. Well come to find out this mom uses the same PT as Chloe and his kinesio tape on his legs and even AFOs!!! It was so neat to run into a random stranger that "speaks the same launguage"!!! She was the nicest person and totally didn't care that I peppered her with a million questions about Her sons wheelchair. So lesson for the day: wheelchairs are really cool. No lie.

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