Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tune in Tomorrow

Heads up! Tomorrow on WTOC's Mid Morning Live show (channel 6 at 10am) Your favorite Cutie Patootie Chloe will be telling the world or at least the surrounding area that watches the show, all about Chloe-Palooza. So if you are sitting at your computer and you think to yourself "Hey I want to watch TV tomorrow but I don't know what to watch" well now you do! And please pray for me. I really want to look like I have more intellect then the common chewing gum caught on the bottom of your shoe, and since Chloe has decided that I'm her voice, well you'll just have to tune in to see if I can make it through the interview alive.

Update: Karaoke for Chloe

As a bit of an update: Karaoke for Chloe was a huge success!  There was a american idol styled karaoke competition that was scheduled to begin at 9:00 but actually got started between 9:30 and 10:00...typical Savannah fashion.  No surprises there :)  There was also a silent auction upstairs with some wonderful jewelry donated by Fabrik and a gift certificate from Ruth Chris Steak House and we even had some art students from SCAD donated some fantastic pieces of work! We also held a 50/50 raffle.

Some of the participants in the contest were incredibly talented!  Others were gracious enough to pay a registration fee for Chloe to make a fool of themselves.  We are very thankful for both.  The judges were very funny and a good time was had by all.  There were some very anxious bidders on the artwork upstairs and the raffle pot got up to $660.  When they announced the winner of the raffle he donated his 50% share of the winnings right back to Chloe.

I would like to thank the incredibly generous group of folks who donated their time, money, and effort into making this event a success.  God has used you mightily to bless Chloe and our family.  We cannot thank you all enough.  Now we look forward to two more events so even if you missed Karaoke for Chloe there is still more opportunities to get involved.  The next event will be the Chloe-Palooza kickoff party at Blueberry Hill (a restaurant and lounge in Garden City) on Friday from 4:00pm to close which will be followed by the climax of everyone's hard promotional work on Saturday:

Chloe-Palooza !!!!